Flo W Ryder

Yoga Teacher, Artist, Writer

Hi I’m Flo,

I’m a yoga teacher, artist and writer living in London. I now specialise in 1-1 yoga, yoga therapy for gut health. I am also a portrait and mural artist and write articles for UK and Sri Lankan magazines as well as poetry and stories for others as well as myself. 

I have always been fascinating by the world’s myriad health and healing practices and studied medical anthropology at UCL, London. After my self-healing experiences with yoga, I went onto study yoga teaching and therapy in India following 10 years working in NHS primary health care and research.        

Navigating western and eastern paradigms of health and medicine inspires me to write, paint and help others with the principles and practices that have helped, and continue to help, me heal and thrive. For me, sharing yoga, art, and creative writing are the most satisfying ways to make meaning in the world of chaos known as “wellbeing”.

Yoga for Gut Health 

The Golden Serpent Sequence for IBD & IBS Warriors