My Yogic Journey 

I qualified as a multi-style yoga instructor in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dharamshala, India. Whilst living and teaching yoga in Sri Lanka for 18 months, I returned to India to complete an advanced teacher training focused in yoga therapy, this time in the Southern city of Chennai.

Combining a practical background in healthcare, academic study and interest in diverse cultural medical paradigms and my own personal healing experiences I passionately believe yoga to be a supreme path to healing and self-fulfilment. As a teacher with an therapeutic orientation, I endeavour to assist in each individual person’s journey to find what they need from yoga, and help them use their yoga practice to flow more smoothly with the world around them.

Individual Approach

Nowadays there are so many different styles, forms and aspects of yoga, and I love to explore this diversity to creatively offer classes that suit individual physiological needs as well as the energy of the group. My classes offer enjoyable challenges, as well as the chance to relax the bodymind and restore the universal connection. 

I believe that every body, every mind, and everyone can benefit from yoga, they just have to find out how to make it work for them. Without worrying about how an asana (posture), pranayama (breathing control), meditation technique and even lifestyle choice “should” be done, I encourage each person to find the teacher and healer within themselves.



300 hours yoga therapy at Dr. Asana Andiappan College of Yoga, Chennai, India

200 hours multi-style teacher training at Mahi Power Yoga School, Dharamshala, India

MSc Medical Anthropology at University College London

BA Anthropology at The University of Sussex


Yoga is believed to help so many ailments; physical, psychological and spiritual.
A brief list includes:

  • Strength, flexibility and balance
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Muscular-skeletal and joint problems
  • Back and neck pain
  • Asthma, allergies and insomnia
  • Menstrual problems
  • Genetic disorder and chronic illnesses
  • Acceptance and integration
  • Focus and concentration
  • Connecting with your body
  • Connecting with the world 
  • Being at ease with the present moment

“if you are not a myth whose reality are you? If you are not a reality whose myth are you?”

Sun Ra, Prophetika Book One

Dragonflo invokes the mythical creature that appears throughout many an ancient parable: The Dragon. I’m endeared by the roguish yet heroic power of this ethereal outsider, yet I also recognise that struggles of mental and physical health are akin to a battle with an inner fire, or passion, that we don’t always know how to express without causing harm to others, so we trap it inside ourselves causing harm within. 

The name is also an invocation of the Dragonfly, a very “real” yet equally as auspicious creature with connotations I favour in life. It is a symbol of change and prosperity in many of the world’s cultures. Even older than the idea of the legendary dragon, this species has flown the earth for over 300 million years knowing that survival is not about being the fittest, strongest or sexiest, but being able to adapt to an ever changing world.

Myths and legends are an integral part of growing up as well as our childhoods. We create our life and our identities, and should never forget what brought us joy as an 8 year old…for me, this always included rolling around on the floor. So despite my 30 odd years, I’ve decided to reignite my childhood mythical inspirations to find play as well as purpose in practicing yoga.

Healing can be fun. 

Current yoga classes



Yoga for Gut Health


The Golden Serpent sequence designed for healing the gut and enhancing digestion 

This 4-week programme provides a deeply healing yoga practice bespoke to those suffering with inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or any other digestive issues such as acid reflux, dyspepsia etc. Drawing from ancient Yogic practices and Buddhist mindfulness techniques each weekly session takes the participant on a journey to find relief from physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of digestive distress. 

Yoga, which means “union”, gives us the opportunity to reconnect the mind and body in positive ways. Yoga for Gut Health combines physical exercise and movement that is healthful and not harmful to those with delicate bellies and bowels, and mindful techniques that alleviate the anxiety and fear that surrounds chronic illness. This gut healing yoga course is a special insight and education into all mind-bowel related movements.

These private or group sessions provide a safe space to be around people who don’t look twice when you dash off to the loo mid-meditation!




I Just want to say I’m really pleased for you to be moving forward and onwards to London for the next part of your journey.

But I will miss you!!!! I cannot tell you how much your restorative classes have helped me to reclaim my own mind, body and space. I have found so much healing in your meditations- I really treasure that and will always thank you for that gift. 

Theresa, Brighton UK

Jungian Psychologist & Counsellor

After a very slow start to last year with a broken collar bone I was so happy to find Flo`s classes and start getting back into my yoga practice and become mobile again. She was so kind and attentive towards my injury and always suggested different level options so I stayed safe and worked at my own pace.

The months that followed showed huge improvement for me both physically and spiritually through the guidance of this wonderful being and teacher. Thank you so much Flo for your patience, nurture and ability to hold an impeccable space for healing, transformation and above all fantastic yoga!

Jo, Unawatuna, SL

I’ve been going to Flo’s classes for the last 5 months and she is amazing! She has such a calm, relaxing energy that also somehow manages to push my strength, chill my mind and open me up! Will miss you Flo!

Maddy, Colombo, SL

I`ve known and practiced with Flo with several months now and have thoroughly enjoyed her yoga. She has such a compassionate, calm, and warm energy which made her classes a very relaxed and safe space. Would definitely recommend her classes to anyone!

Andrew, Colombo, SL

Private classes


1 hour class – £35 (concession £20)

1.5 hour class – £45 (concession £30)

Although a wonderful way to share energy with like-minded souls, yoga is a deeply personal practice. A one-to-one session can facilitate your individual path to self-discovery and find out how yoga can uniquely work for you.

Fresh start

If you are new to yoga a group class could be intimidating. A private session can give you a good idea of what practicing yoga involves so you can then feel comfortable joining a group, or keep your practice sacred and solo.

Deepen and focus

For those yogis who would like to deepen their own practice and take their self-discovery to the next level a private class can focus on your unique development. Perhaps there are certain techniques you want to work on and make sure you are doing correctly, or you simply need support in making time and space for your yoga.

Healing and safety

If you have particular health or fitness issues and you are unsure what actions and practices are safe and beneficial for your body, we can tailor each class to your individual healing needs.

Please get in touch via email, phone or social media to briefly discuss any health issues and what you are looking for in yoga.

The first session will then include a consultation where we will discuss more thoroughly your physical health, lifestyle and goals within yoga practice. Following this we will explore asanas (poses), pranayama (breath work), meditation techniques as well as many other wonders within yoga that will suit your practice and benefit you as an individual.

Longer classes or private group sessions can be arranged on request.



I had a one to one yoga session with Flo when I was 6 months pregnant. She could not have been more wonderful. She addressed every one of my queries and symptoms – pins and needles in hands and feet, breathlessness, stress. I felt so listened to and left the session feeling light as a feather like a huge weight had been lifted. I cannot recommend this extraordinary woman highly enough!

Venetia, Osteopath