The Programme

The Golden Serpent sequence designed for healing the gut and enhancing digestion 

This 4-week programme provides a deeply healing yoga practice bespoke to those suffering with inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or any other digestive issues such as acid reflux, dyspepsia etc. Drawing from ancient Yogic practices and Buddhist mindfulness techniques each weekly session takes the participant on a journey to find relief from physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of digestive distress. 

Yoga, which means “union”, gives us the opportunity to reconnect the mind and body in positive ways. Yoga for Gut Health combines physical exercise and movement that is healthful and not harmful to those with delicate bellies and bowels, and mindful techniques that alleviate the anxiety and fear that surrounds chronic illness and/or discomfort. This gut healing yoga course is a special insight and education into all mind-belly-bowel related movements.

These private or group sessions provide a safe space to be around people who don’t look twice if you dash off to the loo mid-meditation!

The belly-brain connection

The word “Yoga” means “union”: the union of the self with the universe through the union of the mind and the body.

The mind-body connection is gaining increasing recognition for its involvement in chronic health problems. Today, even western biological medicine is starting to acknowledge that stress plays a huge role in how our physiology functions.

In Ayurveda as well as other alternative medical systems, the gut is considered the “second brain” due to the close relationship is has with our psycho-emotional states. Recent scientific studies have also found further evidence to reveal that there are a highly significant number of neurones (brain-cells) in the gut.

The gut-brain axis along with the microbiome are now gathering momentum in scientific research, yet the ancient practice of yoga has always held many techniques and technologies to cope with, and possibly heal, mind-bowel “dis-order” by allowing the mind, body and bowel to return to harmony.

[Fun fact, there are more neurones in the human gut than in a cat’s head!]

What you will gain from the programme:

  • A deep understanding of yoga as a practice of unifying the mind and body.
  • A weekly dedicated time and place to concentrate on your own personal healing needs.
  • A vast array of yoga and meditation techniques to help cope with physical symptoms, psychological distress and life-style effects of IBD & IBS.
  • A positive attitude towards your body in whatever state of health it is in.
  • Peace of mind and “ease with dis-ease”.
  • An ongoing resource of healing.
  • A safe social space of care, compassion and understanding.
  • A small group so each person’s unique experience of illness is attended to individually.
  • A great place to start a healing journey, and a possible move towards remission.
  • Knowledge & practice of the Golden Serpent – an adaptable yoga sequence of individual empowerment and self discovery.

Course Options and Prices


4-week programme includes:  

4x 90 minute yoga and meditation sessions over 4 weeks.

Currently open for booking at Retreat Yoga Studio in New Cross, London. 


Access to private online videos and recommended resources (coming soon).

Individually-focused advice throughout the 4-weeks (and beyond!) regarding your condition in person as well as via telephone & email.


(Each individual week also available for £20 each if that suits)


AT YOUR HOME: £120 plus travel


IBD & IBS can often be very inconvenient conditions when it comes to social engagements! This course is keen to alleviate the social anxiety associated with these conditions so there are a few alternatives if you are having trouble leaving the house or any other health/life hindrances:

  • The online videos will demonstrate the sequence of the week’s class.
  • I can arrange a telephone call to catch you up on anything you may find useful from the week’s teachings or answer any questions.
  • We can negotiate a discounted price for a home visit for one, or more, weeks.
  • Do not worry if you arrive late, just let me know if you need to slip in mid-way through and need a catch up chat afterwards.
  • The whole course, or singular classes, can also be done privately at your own home, or my home studio in New Cross. The price for this can be negotiated depending on where you live and your income.




I wanted to say thank you for the last 4 weeks, for teaching me how to connect, listen and move my body with intention and understanding of how it’s feeling.

I’ve really enjoyed the classes and I’m sorry it’s at an end.

Thank you for helping me fall in love with yoga and taking my hand on my first steps to truly understanding how it can help me. For showing me that I can trust my body and that I have some control even on bad days. I am strong.

I wish you love and healing and hope your belly stays calm.

Kathryn, Uckfield

HR Manager

Flo was really helpful from the off and answered all my concerns before I started on a short yoga course. Having long-term health problems (Crohn’s) many types of yoga are too intense, whereas the gentle yoga and careful guidance from Flo was perfectly suited. 
The classes all had a really good atmosphere and Flo made everyone comfortable – offering alternative poses where needed. I left the class after each session feeling perfectly relaxed and invigorated all at the same time – a feeling that continued in the following days.
Classes with Flo are very much enjoyable, and her friendly and warm manner were always a pleasure to be around.
Matt, Brighton

 My Gut & Yoga

My name is Flo and I have ulcerative colitis! I was diagnosed during my GCSE’s 15 years ago. Since then, I have ridden the IBD & IBS rollercoaster as best I can. A bad flare led me to quit a stressful job in clinical research trials, and realise that the western medical system just added to my IBD, stress and anxiety.

Eventually I fled to the East in the hope that a change of life, job, culture and medical system could help me to heal. For the following 18 months in Sri Lanka and India I learnt and taught yoga, and found a route into remission after much self-experimentation with yoga, meditation, sacred plant medicines, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and functional medicine. Yoga always being my most trusted healing tool and guide. 

I now feel confident and compelled to share the yogic principles and philosophies I have learnt, and keep learning, with others who are have conditions akin to my own. I am now at a point where I feel gratitude for what this “dis-ease” has taught me in regards to self-compassion as well as compassion for others. We are all in it together.