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Flo W

Yoga teacher & Artist


I’m a yoga teacher living in Brighton, UK. I specialise in one-to-one personalised yoga, and yoga therapy for gut health and healing.

My therapeutic teaching style creatively draws on diverse healing modalities from authentic yogic practices, other medical traditions, as well as modern science! For me, the most important part of healing through yoga is to allow the student to feel at ease as we discover what works for them as an individual.

I am also an artist and love working on portrait and mural commissions that uplift with a sense of wonderment. I am now excited to share my new range pranamaya kosha inspired paintings that depict the energy body of yogic asanas. They are now available in prints and greeting cards.


Explore my Artwork and Writings for examples of my style, check out my Offerings to see how you could use my skills and services, or simply get in touch with any questions or requests.



Upcoming Workshops

Talisman Making Workshop with Yoga

25th November  2-6pm

At About Balance, Brighton.

Roxy Moznabi, of Moznabi Jewellery and I are combining our skills in jewellery-making and yoga to bring Brighton this half day indulgence for all conscious creative creatures out there.


Restorative Yoga and Celestial Sounds

 16th December 4-5:30pm

At About Balance, Brighton 

Another dear friend, Emma Thomas of Balance and Bloom Ayurveda, and I are excited to invite you to enjoy the deep rest of comfy and cosy restorative yoga poses whilst bathing in the soothing candlelit vibrations of harp and singing bowls. 

Discover the Hidden Path to Health and Healing: Tune into the Power of Your Vagus Nerve.

In a world filled with chaos and constant demands, finding inner peace and restoring balance has never been more crucial. 

I designed this workshop with Jeanette, of Ethereal Lotus Yoga, another passionate yoga teacher on a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health and embrace a vibrant, fulfilling life. In this comprehensive workshop, we dive deep into the intricate workings of the vagus nerve – the conductor of your body’s symphony.

Through the ancient wisdom of yoga, we’ll demystify the vagus nerve, unveiling its extraordinary influence on your overall well-being.

Don’t let gut problems, stress, and anxiety hold you back from living your best life. This workshop is designed for anyone with a nervous system, and it’s tailor-made for those seeking holistic practices to reclaim their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Look out for new dates in the spring of 2024