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Open Mind Palace

Despite being a fear-mongering luddite, “We Are All Cyborgs Now”, with external computing devises acting as extensions of our own consciousness. I’m clearing out my messy mind to create Flo’s Space – throwing out clutter, and rearranging the items that may have some use or meaningful value, so that this online annex of my psyche can host a friendly gathering.

Flo’s Space is a Matrix-esque Mind Palace; a most modern version of the ancient mnemonic device. This time I’m setting out the loci for guests to sit and chat comfortably, they can even rearrange the furniture if they so wish. Without the input of others, how can we open up our minds?

Method of (F)loci

Expressions and expirations will come, and are welcome, in all shapes and sizes. There may be poetic reveries, critical concepts, intellectual discussion, philosophical debates, informed opinions, instant instincts; words and imagery. Say what you feel. Mean what you say. Doesn’t matter how you say it. Don’t fear changing minds or standing corrected. Share information, suggest concepts. Support and stand up for what feels right. Challenge what doesn’t. That’s what I’m going to do anyway.

For all entries, mine or other-wise, I wilfully encourage heartfelt feedback, critical comments, drastic debates, even full frontal arguments if vexed enough. I’ll accommodate venting spleens, teenage moondreams, mental mayhem, ecstatic eavesdropping, pie-in-the-sky ephiphanies, and gory gut-feelings. Any kind of abstract meta-matter that creeps up and out of the heart, spills out of the brain, bursts out of pores, or even leaks out of the arris. Sounds gross? Art claims far darker materials. I’m just talking about humanness. Tidy intentions? Pah. Bring on the chaos. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Flo WR…Holding space