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Do you suffer from digestive issues?

Have you noticed that it’s not all about what you eat?

Do you need to recover a life, and love, affirming relationship with your body?




I’m Flo and I’d love to help you find your gut healing yoga practice with my carefully designed 4-week video series.

Yoga for Gut Health & Healing specifically focuses on the inner world of digestion and how we can reconnect with this fascinating system in a healthful way, whilst teaching you to harness your intuition and become your own gut healing guru.

This 4-part series is deeply healing for those suffering with digestive issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, and all kinds of dyspepsia.

I’ve hand-picked ancient yogic practices, meditations, mindfulness techniques and a little biomedical science, to create 4 themed sequences to take you on a journey to find relief from physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of disordered digestion.

This course combines physical exercise and movement that is healthful and not harmful to those with delicate bellies and bowels, and mindful techniques that alleviate the anxiety and fear that surrounds chronic digestive distress. Plus, I can be here for you if you need any specific advice for your personal needs.

The belly-brain connection

Our guts tell us so much about how we are digesting life as much as how we digest food. Stress, anxiety, and life in general can greatly effect all of our nervous systems, including the one in the gut. This link between our mental and physical state is often referred to as the gut-brain axis, and can be positively accessed through yoga.

The word “Yoga” means “union”: the union of the self with the universe through the union of the mind and the body. Hence, practicing yoga gives us the opportunity to reconnect the mind and body in positive ways.

In Ayurveda as well as other alternative medical systems, the gut is considered the “second brain” due to the close relationship is has with our psycho-emotional states. Recent scientific studies have also found further evidence to reveal that there are a highly significant number of neurones (brain-cells) in the gut.

[Fun fact, there are more neurones in the human gut than in a cat’s head!]

The gut-brain axis along with the microbiome are now gathering momentum in scientific research, yet the ancient practice of yoga has always held many techniques and technologies to cope with, and possibly help in healing, mind-bowel “dis-order” by allowing the mind, body and especially belly, return to harmony.

Online Programme Options & Prices:


Going solo

£49 for online 4 week video series.


4 guided video sequences each week for 4 weeks. Every 7 days a new one will arrive! This gives you plenty of time to practice what you have learnt and become ready to learn more!

In addition you will have audio guidance about the sequence to give you more information on the practice and philosophy and let you know if there is anything to watch out for in terms of safety and gut specific issues. I have also provided you with a drawn out sequence so you can even practice away from your computer, and the week’s philosophies written out in an accessible and memorable format.


Your Gut & Yoga

£60 for consultation, design of personalised sequence focusing on your needs, 1 hour class to learn the sequence, 30 min follow up session & email support.


Consultation form assessment and 30 min call with me to tap into your individual gut health issues and your personal gut healing goals. This is completely confidential and can concern anything that effects your gut health from the physiological to the psycho-spiritual. I will listen to whatever you want to share and offer you all the support that yogic practice and philosophy can provide to support you in your healing journey. 

I will then design you a bespoke sequence based on what you need and want from your yoga practice – gut health & beyond! We will book an hour class for me to teach you the sequence and guide you through it. After 1 week we will meet for 30 minutes to make any alterations and make sure you are confident in your practice. Ongoing email contact is available if necessary.


1-1 one month take off

£199 for personal consultation, 4 weekly classes tailored to your needs, full 4-part video series, 1-1 online support & yogic counselling for 1 month.


Consultation form assessment and 30 min call with me to tap into your individual gut health issues and how we can use the course to achieve your personal gut healing goals. This is completely confidential and can concern anything that effects your gut health from the physiological to the psycho-spiritual. I will listen to whatever you want to share and offer you all the support that yogic practice and philosophy can provide to support you in your healing journey. 

4 weekly 1.5 hour classes as I teach you your personal adaptation of the Yoga for Gut Health & Healing 4-week programme. Here you can also share what you found useful, difficult, or anything else at all.


Y4GH&H 4-part Workshop Series

£75 for one month of weekly 1.5 hour classes with an group.

For 4 weeks, join the group sessions, in a studio, or online, where we will delve into the 4-part programme as a team. Sign up to check out the next available dates and times. Workshops include a 50% discount on videos and PDF guides.



What you will gain from the programme:

  • A deep understanding of yoga as a practice of unifying the mind and body.

  • A vast array of yoga and meditation techniques to help cope with, and heal, physical symptoms, psychological distress and life-style effects of disordered digestion.

  • Space to tell your story and yogic counselling through emotional distress.

  • A positive attitude towards your body in whatever state of health it is in.

  • Peace of mind and “ease with dis-ease”.

  • An ongoing resource of healing, care, compassion and understanding.

  • A great place to start a healing journey, and a move towards good gut health.

  • Building blocks to create your very own sequence – an adaptable yoga sequence of individual empowerment and self discovery.

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Flo, an advanced 500hour YA yoga teacher with a focus on yoga therapy. I also have an MSc in Medical Anthropology and over a decade of experience working in healthcare and clinical research. I studied yoga in India, and have taught yoga in Sri Lanka and the UK. After my own long-term struggles with ulcerative colitis, plus a whole host of subsequent digestive issues, I developed this 4-week yoga series drawing on my own experience of disease and diverse healing technologies and philosophies. Amongst them all, yoga has been my most trusted and efficacious path of hope and healing, and I want to share this with you.

I started teaching this course in a holistic health clinic in Brighton, then brought it to London when I moved the following year. Now I’ve finally filmed it to offer out to gut-healing students world-wide.

I wanted to say thank you for the last 4 weeks, for teaching me how to connect, listen and move my body with intention and understanding of how it’s feeling.

I’ve really enjoyed the classes and I’m sorry it’s at an end.

Thank you for helping me fall in love with yoga and taking my hand on my first steps to truly understanding how it can help me. For showing me that I can trust my body and that I have some control even on bad days. I am strong.

I wish you love and healing and hope your belly stays calm. Kathryn, Uckfield HR Manager

Flo was really helpful from the off and answered all my concerns before I started on a short yoga course. Having long-term health problems (Crohn’s) many types of yoga are too intense, whereas the gentle yoga and careful guidance from Flo was perfectly suited.
The classes all had a really good atmosphere and Flo made everyone comfortable – offering alternative poses where needed. I left the class after each session feeling perfectly relaxed and invigorated all at the same time – a feeling that continued in the following days.
Classes with Flo are very much enjoyable, and her friendly and warm manner were always a pleasure to be around.
Matt, Brighton

I really enjoyed the course, it was great to spend some time focusing on the gut and learning more about what affects it / might be causing problems and how I can use yoga to help and particularly get to the rest and digest space. The resources that you sent after each class were really clear and mean I can put some of this into practice at home which is great.
You were a lovely teacher, sharing lots of information but not in a full-on way, I liked the atmosphere and size of the class and felt very comfortable. I would recommend it to others for sure.
Amy, London

I would like to say it was a lovely month spending every Saturday with you. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques and flows, I really benefited from the breathing techniques.

Overall it was a lovely experience! It would be great to see another session/course maybe expanding more on what we learnt (like a level 2) and developing our knowledge more on the chakras and how they correlate with gut health as this was so interesting and would love to find out more! Evie, London

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Can I take this course if I’ve never done yoga before?

Yes! It starts from the very beginning and builds your ability at your own pace. I’m also available via email if you have any specific concerns.

I have inflammation in my digestive system, will this exercise aggravate it?

Not if you listen to your body as you partake in the course. Everyone is different and will find different aspects of the course healing and different aspects challenging. The course is designed and delivered at a pace where learning to listen to your body is the key to all of the movements and meditations. If you do have any specific concerns then get in touch and we can make sure you feel safe. You can also decide to have the course tailor-made to suit you. See “Pricing” above, or get in touch.

What if I don’t have time to practice the weekly sequence in time for the next video?

You don’t have to complete each sequence in exactly one week. You can hold off from watching the next videos until you have had enough time with the sequence you are on. Everyone is so different in lifestyle as well as in body so don’t feel pressured at all – be at peace with whatever pace the course unfolds for you! However, I would recommend making some time for it, as it is your time to look after yourself and this is important!

What if some of the moves cause me discomfort, how will I know if the practice is right for me or not?

If they cause you pain or unease then they are not right for you at this time. This doesn’t mean they are “wrong” for you, it may be a good one for you to come back to. Discomfort isn’t always bad – sometimes it is the more challenging poses that we need the most as they help us to unblock areas that are tight or that our minds don’t have much neural connection to this part of the body. Pain on the other hand is a no-no. But trying is always worth it, as long as you take it very slowly and mindfully and stop as soon as you feel unsafe. If you are unsure, taking the course privately with me so I can make the practice bespoke to your individual needs is strongly advised. 

What if the course makes my digestive problems worse?

It is very unlikely to make your digestion worse. The only thing could be if you tire yourself out with too much practice or repeating moves incorrectly too many times. The digestive system is deep inside of us so we cannot do much damage muscularly. Inflammation could possibly be aggravated but this would be due to too much repetition or force. If it feels like it has upset you, get in touch and we can work it out.

Will this course completely cure my digestive illness?

I cannot claim that this course will give you perfect digestion after the four weeks, but it will put you back in control of your healing process and provide you with physical and mental exercises that are safe and supportive of the health of your gut. There are many factors which effect the health of our gut, and this course addresses the gut-brain axis and the psycho-spiritual aspects of digestive dis-ease as well as giving you the benefits of exercising the body including the gut without harm.

However, according to the definition of “cure” as coming from the Latin, “curare” meaning “to take care of”, then we are certainly taking care of your digestion in this course.

I can also recommend complimentary wonderful therapies/therapists to help you in other aspects of your healing journey i.e. nutrition, acupuncture, aromatherapy etc, and will provide ongoing resources for supporting you and your gut health as much as I can.