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Higher Self Portrait Service

Everyone deserves to feel divine! Therefore I offer a unique service in painting each individual, or their beloved, with a spiritual twist. The Higher Self portrait shows the world, as well as the self, an image of themselves as a confident, powerful, and serene part of the universe.

Each piece is totally unique to each individual based on their photographs and an enlightening chat about them. Having a portrait painted doesn’t have to be an intimidating reflection of egotism. As Demitris, told me in his thank you card, “this painting will help me to live with myself”. 

Learning to love and live with our many selves is the art of this life. I’d love to help bring out the best in you.

What I need from you:  a selection of photographs of the subject including head shots, and as much info about them as you would like to offer. It would be ideal to have a chat (Skype/whatssap/phone) too if possible. 

Contact me for further details. 

Price: £250 – £500 plus P&P £5-10 including material, depending on size. 

I’m also really happy to do trades! Therapies, skills, products…anything – get in touch to negotiate!