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Digital detangling 

Space-to-flo is an online intentional space that gives certain thoughts a second chance. To un-silence the scribblings in notepads that have been calling out for further attention. It is a space to untangle intuitions, meditate on musings, and offer up findings.

But this is not a platform to merely indulge in catharsis. This is an open space for joining in, feeding back, debating as well as sharing sentiments. If we detangle some doodles together, we have more chance finding out how long the piece of string really is…

If you like my style, then maybe you’d like me to write something for you? Poetry, prose, fact or fiction, get in touch to request and negotiate. Prices start from £20.

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Short Story: NUTMEG

NUTMEG: Confessions of a narcissistic hypochondriac Chapter One   She looked in the mirror, but she didn’t see a face. Her eyes zoomed in and traced around her hairline, scouring the skin for blackheads and pimples like CCTV cameras sensing criminal activity....

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Yoga Practice for Anxiety

Yoga for anxiety In the previous post, I’ve briefly discussed some yogic philosophy that can help cope with anxiety: the notion of not being consumed by thoughts and sensations and knowing that your individual self is always part of the great divine universe (in a...

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It’s Only Anxiety

                                                                 It’s Only Anxiety GPs & Yogis might actually agree… Sometimes the worst thing you can hear from a doctor are the words “It’s only anxiety” as though the host of terrifying symptoms and sensations you...

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The world is divided into two types of people, Those who have a loud voice and aren’t willing to listen. And those who have a quiet voice because they are listening too much.

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Test of Metal

  Real strength is not measured in the body. Each body has different strengths and weaknesses, they are incomparable. One body could be weak from disease for an entire lifetime, or the healthiest and strongest of bodies could be instantly destroyed from the...

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2018 – How to get a grip of it

Happy Blue Moon! January is coming to a close but the year is still new. Not brand new…whatever that phrase means… but still new enough to consolidate our intentions and not have given up on resolutions just yet. We’re not done with the first month yet, but we are...

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Develop Mental Problems

Moving from a "developed" country, to a "developing" country, suggests going back in some sort of proverbial time warp. But despite the suggestion of regressing to a land that has yet to achieve civilisation, the experience of moving from England to Sri Lanka has been...

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Let go, Ego

Let go, Ego   So, if we are but a body, made of stars, crumbs of carbon… and other bits of atomic dust… and we move with the same laws of nature as all other matter: quantum, relative, negative, dark… with the same forces and energies… patterns, calculations,...

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Googling the Ungoogleable:

Searching for faith in medicine    Girl, you have no faith in medicine I have multiple invested interests in medicine; anthropological research, gore and awe-some fascination, conspiratorial scepticism, as well as, of course, the health of myself and others. But...

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Medicinal Values

If you don't look after your body, where are you going to live?   For many of us the veil has been lifted on the Western Medical system’s ulterior motives as healer-come-money-making-machine. This disillusionment may have come about by being subjected to a...

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The Fifth Element: SPACE

  In Luc Besson’s captivating film, the ‘Fifth Element’ is materialised in human form to combine the other four terrestrial elements: earth, air, fire and water, for ultimate power. Like the beautiful Leeloo, the fifth element in Yogic philosophy is also the...

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Preachers and Teachers or Poets and Punks? 

Philosophers, prophets or loud mouthed cunts? Modern messiahs Or lunatic liars With theories just made to debunk?     To write an autobiography according to Slits guitarist, Viv Albertine, you have to either be “a twat or broke” - the opening line to hers....

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